Tara Dawn Solheim

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Tara Dawn Solheim   

Tara Dawn Solheim has been commissioned to create original poetry and music and has performed in many contexts throughout Canada, America, Japan and England. She lived in Japan for five years where she wrote for a number of music groups and performed extensively. Tara is currently creating a new body of literary work through residencies at St. Peter’s Abbey and the Banff Centre Leighton Artist Colony. 

Tara began her career in 2000 as a spoken word artist and poet. She has been commissioned to create original poetry performances for CBC, the Mackenzie Art Gallery, dance shows and music festivals including the Cathedral Arts Festival, the Her-i-cane Women’s Art Festival, and the Brandon and Regina Folk Festivals

During her five years in Tokyo, Tara Dawn performed with and wrote for a number of bands including Tarantula (blues/early rock), =7 (Japanese jazz/rock), Max Blues (blues), The DNT (hip hop) and Ooze Out out of D.R.C (hip hop). She did singing videos for JOYSOUND, a major karaoke company throughout Japan. Her music was featured in Japanzine, 2009, highlighting the best foreign musicians in Japan. Tara’s original music draws on blues / jazz from the 1920-30's and early rock’n’roll and has been influenced by artists including Bessie Smith, Nina Simone and Buddy Holly. 

Tara currently works with writers from across Canada as Executive Director of the Sage Hill Writing Experience. She also produces and hosts The Vertigo Series, a performance event series for writers and musicians in Regina, Saskatchewan.

 “Love the horns and the voice." - Japanzine

 “Could be part of a soundtrack playing as I drove around Paris.” - Sam Zipursky


“Could be part of a soundtrack playing as I drove around Paris.” - Sam Zipursky



大学卒業後イギリスに移ったタラは、「The Farrago Poetry Circuit」というグループを通し、自身の歌詞を公演していきます。カナダに戻ると、自分自身で多くのイベントの計画、主催、公演を行いました。2004年と2005年には、詩人とジャズミュージシャンが共に行うライブ「Seldom Session」という共演をアートギャラリーで行い、美術系企業やイベント主催者から彼女オリジナルのミュージカルと詩的パフォーマンスの依頼を受けます。さらに彼女の作品はカナダの全国放送ラジオ曲CBCでも放送されました。